Act Enrichment Programs provide after school enrichment programs to the Western slope of El Dorado County and eastern Sacramento County.

Our programs bring reasonably priced classes right to the school campus immediately after school. Teachers who love children and want to share their skills with them come right to the school site. Our program is popular with all parents; those who want special opportunities for their children, those who work and like their child to experience a break in the usual after school care routine and those who don’t have the time, energy or wherewithal to drive their children other places for enrichment.

We like to offer arts, kinesthetic classes and hands-on enrichment classes at all age levels to appeal to a wide variety of students. Our teachers are experts in their fields and provide truly fun learning to enrich the whole school day. There is usually no homework (except in music and languages); learning is achieved through doing. For instance; Karate provides the student with focus that he can use in school; Fun Fitness provides basic motor skills that help in school

We give children a wide variety of choices from yoga to cooking and a chance to experiment with things they think they might like at a moderate price. Four to twelve choices of classes are offered for 6 to 10 weeks per session depending on the school site. Schools have 2 or 3 sessions per school year. Classes usually meet once a week. Our program offers an option to have a performance for the parents at the end of the session.

Participating Schools:

  • Camino Elementary School (Camino USD)
  • Carl Sundahl Elementary School (Folsom-Cordova USD)
  • Empire Oaks Elementary School (Folsom-Cordova USD)
  • Gold Trail School (Gold Trail USD)
  • Indian Creek Elementary School (Mother Lode USD)
  • Oak Chan Elementary School  (Folsom-Cordova USD)
  • Plymouth Elementary School
  • Riverview Acadmey Elementary School (Folsom-Cordova USD)
  • Sutter's Mill School (Gold Trail USD)



September 20, 2018